History of Sequoia Lake

For almost a century, Sequoia Lake has welcomed campers to enjoy the beauty of the Sierra Nevada Mountains southeast of Fresno.  Central Valley Christian Camping Association (CVCCA), which was founded in 1888, was one of the original developers of camps at the lake.  YMCAs in Kings, Tulare and Fresno counties operated the camps for many years but as the Y in Fresno closed, operation of their two camps at the lake returned to CVCCA. Three camps at the lake are still operated by Visalia-based Golden Valley YMCA.

                  CVCCA currently operates Camp Gaines, which has primarily been used as a youth camp, and Camp Sequoia, which has operated as a family camp since the 1970s.  Both groups operate under the umbrella of the Sequoia Lake Council.

                  Activities at both Camp Sequoia and Camp Gaines center around the dining hall where three meals are served each day and where evening activities bring campers together.  The dining hall at Sequoia was prominently featured in the 1993 Adams Family Values. A major refurbishing of that dining hall is planned in 2020.

Improvements at Sequoia and Gaines

                  The combination of California’s extended drought from 2011-2017 and a bark beetle infestation created a situation where many trees on the 800-acre lake property had to be removed.  Dining hall facilities at both camps will undergo serious renovations in 2020.  Many roofs at the camps were badly in need of repair and that is being addressed.  Improvements are also planned in the “apartments,” which are cabins with private bathrooms and in the bathrooms that serve the more rustic cabins and the tent sites at Camp Sequoia.

                  Facilities plans address improvements that are needed and prioritizes them with focus on health and safety issues first.  Many opportunities exist for directed gifts that will improve the appearance and the functionality of the camps.  For a complete list, visit: https://cvccassociation.org/wish-list/

                  If you would like help in planning a family or friends gathering at Camp Sequoia, please call the camp office at 559-797-1050 for details.

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